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Alexey Ivanov



During my career as a university teacher at Moscow State University (MSU) I have organized and supervised the first personal computing class for students in the MSU's Physics Department (1991). The same year I have designed the first personal computing course for first year students. Between 1992 and 2015 I have published 4 methodological manuals for computer science teachers and trained a group of my colleagues to use these manuals in their programming courses. All this time through, since 1991, I have been teaching C/C++ programming language and MATLAB system for students.


I have created and am currently teaching 3 special courses for graduate students at the MSU. These are:


1.      Advanced MATLAB

2.      Modern C++ programming language

3.      Non-numerical algorithms of programming


In 2000 together with one of my colleagues I have published a MATLAB textbook, N.N.Martynov, A.P.Ivanov "Matlab 5.x: calculations, visualization, programming". This was one of the first textbooks in MATLAB, and it remained very popular for some time.


As a scientist at mathematics modeling division of Physics Department I have published several scientific articles in Russian magazines, to note 2 of them related to computer science:


1.      Methods of reduction in tasks of reconstruction surface shape by its photo images. (1989, Moscow University Physics Bulletin, vol.3, no. 3).

2.      Technology of content filtering for the Internet (2002, Conference Proceedings "Computational Linguistics and Intellectual Technologies" vol.2).


In 2012, 2013 I have served as a program committee member of the Russian Conference on Applied Linguistics & Artificial Intelligence.


In my career as a software developer with the experience of work for several Russian software companies I have been involved in many important software projects in Russia, e.g.:


1.      I was among the authors of the very first Windows 3.1 commercial product for the Russian market: Intuitia OCR system (IT Co.)

2.      As CTO of Medialingua company (about 30 employees) I have managed several software projects: best selling Multilex computer dictionary (1995-1999), search engine (for Windows and Web), automatic annotation system, automated English-to-Russian translation system, automatic texts classification and clusterization system and other projects concerning to computational linguistics. All of them were successful commercial products in the Russian software market.

3.      At Rambler (1999-2001) I supervised the development of the 2nd version of the most popular at the time Russian-language Internet search engine (rambler.ru). With the team of about 50 linguists and developers we have managed to build a greatly improved search engine version in a very tight time. The search engine remained afloat for about a decade after our team had left Rambler to start our own company in 2001.

4.      I was among the founders of Ashmanov and Partners company (2001) where I am functioning as head of software development and a Corporate Board member. As such I have managed several key software projects, to note the most important of them: Spamtest mail spam detection system (technology sold to Kaspersky Labs), Autocontext: the system to extract meaningful keywords from arbitrary text, Search Engine, Advertisements System, Automatic text classification system. Now our company has grown up to 200 employees.

5.      From 2011 till present I had the position of the CTO in the Vietnamese branch of Ashmanov and Partners: Wada.vn (Vietnamese Internet search engine) and Wadamarket.vn (Vietnamese goods and prices aggregator).


During my career as a software engineer I have obtained 2 Russian patents for my inventions:


1.      System of Russian-language addressing in computer networks (1998)

2.      System of Russian language search engine (1998)


All in all, I have obtained 18 Russian patents for the software developed by me from 1997 to 2014, including those mentioned above.